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St Mary’s Catholic High School expects all students to wear full School uniform. Each pupil should wear the uniform with pride.  We insist on all students wearing full uniform at all times particularly on their journeys to and from School. Parents/carers are required to support the School in this matter. 

Our official uniform stockist is Hewitts of Croydon, 45-51 Church Street, Croydon CR9 1QQ, Telephone number 020 8688 1830 or 020 8680 4555

All of the items listed can be purchased at Hewitts, Church Street, Croydon.


  • Navy blazer with school badge
  • School tie (Year 7-9; Year 10-11)
  • School jumper with school badge (Grey jumper for boys and navy jumper for girls)
  • School kilt (Years 7-9) or School navy skirt (Year 10&11)
  • School trousers (charcoal grey)
  • White shirt
  • Black leather shoes with flat heels (no trainers or trainer type shoes)
  • White socks or navy tights with the kilt or skirt, black socks with trousers
  • Plain black belt with small buckle
  • Navy or black scarf
  • Navy or black coat with no motifs (sports jackets and hoodies are forbidden)
  • Black/ navy backpack or ruck sack for a school bag (handbags are forbidden). It must be large enough for an A4 folder.
PE Kit:
  • White polo shirt with school badge
  • Navy shorts or navy tracksuit bottoms (‘sweat bottoms’ are forbidden)
  • Trainers/plimsolls/football boots
  • Games jersey (blue and gold)
Uniform Restrictions:
  • Coats, scarves and gloves may be worn outside the school building; they must not be worn anywhere else.
  • Fashion belts or bandanas are not permitted.
  • Discrete hair accessories in a plain dark colour will be allowed at the discretion of the school.
  • Socks and tights are not permitted to be worn together.
  • Any other items of clothing are not permitted included hooded tops and cardigans.
  • Hats should not be seen or worn inside school.
  • Baseball caps are not permitted.
  • Jewellery of any kind is not permitted including in a pupils’ hair.
  • Nail varnish or imitation nails should not be worn, nails should be short and neat.
  • Skirts/ Kilts must be worn on or below the knee. Kilts/ skirts must not be rolled up.
  • Make up is not allowed.
  • Head coverings except for religious reasons (evidence of this must be provided to the school)
  • Hair dye is forbidden; hair must be the individuals natural hair colour
  • Shaved lines in hair or eyebrows are forbidden.
  • Facial hair is not allowed (you must be clean shaven)
  • Flamboyant hairstyles are not permitted. Hairstyles should be neat and tidy.
  • Piercings are not permitted.
  • Only prescription glasses are permitted.
  • Sunglasses are only to be worn outside.
  • A reminder that mobile phones should not be used in school. If it is seen, heard or connected to earphones it will be confiscated and only returned to parents/ carers.

IMPORTANT: In all matters of dress and appearance the Headteacher is the arbiter of what is acceptable.




Every student is expected to provide the following basic items of equipment for each lesson:

  • Black ball point pen or fountain pen (and a spare!).No gel pens can be used in a public examination.
  • A green pen.
  • Colouring pencils/fine fibre tips.
  • Scientific calculator.
  • Pencils
  • Pencil eraser.
  • Pencil sharpener.
  • Ruler 12²/30cm.
  • Protractor
  • Dictionary
  • You are not allowed correction fluid or permanent marker pens.
  • Reading book









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