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Good mental health is essential in our community at St Mary’s Catholic High School, both for students and staff. While we do not control the things that shape mental health beyond school, we will always consider the impact of the decisions we make on the wellbeing of staff and students.

In the curriculum we teach about the importance of mental health and well-being through our PSHE programme and assemblies that focus on developing resilience, understanding social and emotional learning, healthy habits and mental illness.

We have a consistent whole school approach with clear routines of behaviour, well communicated social norms and familiar routines bringing a sense of calm. The key emphasis in our approach to behaviour is to allow young people to self-regulate, so they develop the skills of capable adulthood.

Our school has non-teaching team dedicated to pastoral support along with our safeguarding team and our School Chaplain. We can put in place measures to support young people experiencing difficulties. This team of staff has a range of expertise covering areas including bereavement, anxiety and exam pressures and work closely alongside other mambers of staff.

If you have any concerns about the mental health of a young person at St Mary’s Catholic High School then please contact his or her Head of Year or a member of our school’s safeguarding team. In addition, this web page below has a list of helpful contacts. Some of these are local to Croydon, while others are nationwide, but all offer valuable information and support.

Click on the images/links below to access the various information and support sites:

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