Alice in Wonderland at St Mary's

On Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th March, St Mary’s students and staff presented an engaging adaptation of the much loved story Alice in Wonderland to audiences of parents, students and classes of children from local primary schools. Written in 1865 by Lewis Carroll, the story is well known and follows the adventures of a curious Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole and finds herself among enchanting characters of all kinds.

AliceGallery ClickHereFollowing the success of last year’s production of Charley and the Chocolate Factory, this year’s show did not disappoint, with much fine acting, singing and dancing throughout the show. Over months of rehearsals Mr Turiansky skilfully directed the production, supported by other staff leading the music and dance. Special thanks must be made to Miss Wheeler and Miss Adams. Behind the scenes thanks also to Mrs Wiseman, Mrs Goodwin, Mr Taylor and the site team for their work on costumes, set design and construction. In addition, thank you to all the additional members of staff who made this production possible.

Warmest congratulations to all the students from Years 7 – 10 who took part in the production. Your talent, hard work and enthusiasm made this show such a memorable success. The main characters parts were outstanding and special mention must be made for Belen who portrayed the main character, Alice.

Alice  Belen
White Rabbit Shauna & Akeelah
Cheshire Cat Ragshidaa, Alicja & Ellie
Mad Hatter Pawel
March Hare Aida
Tweedle Dee Allegra
Tweedle Dum Love
Caterpillar Brandon
King of Hearts  Serena
Queen of Hearts Sascha
Doorknob Ayvea
Principle Royal Cards/Chorus Lacey, Ellie, Sabina & Ellen
Rose Sara
Petunia Thando & Christie
Daisy Princess
Violet  Shakira
Lily Dominika & Favour
Chorus Kaychanel, Sarah & Neveah
Chorus Captain Angel & Paula
Mathilda & A.S.M Dakota
Sea Creature Captain Kara
Dancers & Party Guests Laura, Alicia, Lucy, Grace, Billan-Amina & Jennifer
Director Mr M Turiansky
Choreographer Miss M Adams
Conductor Miss J Wheeler
Deputy Stage Manager Conor
Sound Technician Elvis










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