New Views Theatre Course at St Mary's

On the 6th November selected Year 9 & 10 students were visited by the actor and playwright Yolande Mercy, who delivered a two-hour session on playwriting on behalf of the National Theatre’s ‘NEW VIEWS’ playwriting course.

By the Spring all will have written a 30-minute play, on a subject of their choice, to be entered into a competition where the best judged play will be performed by professionals at the National Theatre.

As part of the programme, a visit was arranged to see ‘Master Harold and the Boys’ on the Lyttleton stage at the National, in order to see how top playwriting and acting could influence pupils’ own efforts.

Through participating in the New Views programme our students will have the unique and exciting opportunity to:

  • Explore their talent and sharpen their approach to research, as well as their ability to develop and articulate ideas on key ethical questions and dilemmas.
  • Develop a sense of connection to the arts, a lifelong enthusiasm for theatre and an understanding of the power of theatre to engage audiences in serious debate.






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