Year 11 Art students visit Banksy's pop-up shop in Croydon

Year 11 Art students, along with our Head of Art, Mrs Goodwin, visited Banksy’s pop-up shop in Croydon town centre. The exhibition, called Gross Domestic Product, opened in a vacant unit on the corner of Church Street and Frith Road early on Tuesday 1st October.

The shop featured the Union Jack stab vest worn by Stormzy at Glastonbury Festival earlier this year, as well as a Tony the Tiger rug and a cradle surrounded by CCTV cameras.

Banksy’s installation encouraged students to consider how to make their own GCSE artwork more imaginative and challenging. His collection of thought-provoking artworks is usually the centre of attention, so this was an opportunity not to be missed for our students. It's not often a famous artist opens a shop, without any prior announcement, on our doorstep in Croydon!






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