St Mary's Prize-Giving 2019

On Thursday, 16th July the school community celebrated the achievements of our students at our annual prize-giving evening. For each curriculum area teaching staff nominated one student in each year group to be rewarded for their hard work and achievement. 

This year’s prize winners are a true representation of everything that we stand for here at St Mary’s Catholic High School – these hard working, committed students are a credit to the school and their families. It is through such achievements that we are clearly able to see the skill, high expectation and commitment of the staff and students at St Mary’s and these prize winners are great examples of what we hope for from our students.

In addition to the subject awards, special pastoral awards were made for a student from each form group. These awards were given for outstanding engagement, exemplary behaviour and positive contribution to Form, Year Group and Whole School.

Congratulations to all the prize winners:

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Religious Studies Patricia R D’A Ethan S Kingsley A Verdia A
English Jakub L Barira Z Ana R Maria-Lavinia F
Mathematics Vanessa F Rosa F F Rafaella B T Jeymibel R
Science Daniel M Muvah B Ragshidaa K Ilirjan K
Art & Design Jade D Richard R O J’Adore A Yilei D
Drama Allegra A Belen V-F Elvis Z Breea A
French Skye A Jennifer T Tyler N Andreea L
Geography Freddy D R Zoro G Neekaiya M  
History Christie K-M Luis R C Sabaoen S Amber C
IT Ioana S Oreoluwa A Rares B Kiara M
Music Love N-P Hania S Leon H Aiesha A
PE David O Tyler S-P Janeca W Emmanuel O
Spanish Cara Q Hisham R Conor L-D Meggy  T
Business Studies       Ronaldo B
Citizenship       Lais F
Enterprise       Imran T
EAL Gabriela M Mariam T Jamal K Mehari T
Library Award Hope A Mihai D A Alvin M Ebvia A


Pastoral Awards

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
7B  Emmanuel A 8B  Kadijatu B 9B  Jaanai R-H 10B  Chantelle G
7P  Jade D 8J  Barira Z 9J  Pawel L 10J  Anpu D
7T  Sara N 8P  Belen V-F 9P  Neekaiya M 10P  Bryanna C
  8T  Zara M 9T  Syed A 10T  Maria C








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