Staff 2020 - 2021

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St Mary’s staff provide a learning experience geared toward educating the whole person. In addition to offering academic experience of excellence, we promote the value of self-discipline and responsibility. At our school we encourage students to recognise the dignity of every human being and the importance of family and community. And we do all of this with a global perspective that will prepare our students to go out and create a more just and humane world. After all, as Pope Francis reminds us, the Earth is our common home and we need to work together to make it a place where we can all live peacefully together.

What we teach your child is an extension of what she or he has learned at home from you. Our staff members serve as role models in a time when they are few and far between in the popular and media cultures. And when we do this together, working as partners invested in your child’s future, we create a moral education that lives on well beyond the classroom.

So as you can see, when your child is enrolled in a Catholic school, receiving a superior education is just the beginning. At St Mary’s, we strive to instill a morality that will remain with your child forever.






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