Year 11 Transition to Post 16

On 18th March, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department for Education announced that this summer’s examinations are cancelled. The Government guidance document that aims to answer common questions in relation to the cancellation of examinations can be found by clicking HERE.

The announcement from the Government is summarised here:

  • The priority is to ensure that you can move on to Sixth Form courses, an apprenticeship, employment and training, or college.
  • GCSE grades will be awarded by the examination boards to fairly reflect the work that you have put in so far.
  • Subject teachers will judge the grade that you would have received had the examinations gone ahead, and submit this to the examination boards who will then make the final decision about the grades awarded.
  • A range of evidence will be used including mock examinations and non-examination assessments.
  • Prior attainment will also contribute to the overall grade.
  • Coursework, tests, assessments, predicted grades data will be used.

It is important to keep working on the material that your teachers are currently setting on Show My Homework and on the KS4 subject pages on this website. Once the grades are awarded, there will be the chance to appeal the grade if you think it is wrong. You will probably be required to take an examination when schools have re-opened, should you wish to appeal.

The other reason to maintain a commitment to your studies at this stage is to ensure that you are ready for the next stage of your career.  If you are planning to take A levels, you will need to maintain your work rate; otherwise, you will find the transition difficult.  If you are going onto college or an apprenticeship, or a place of work, then it still remains important to keep your work rate going also otherwise you will take longer to cope with the demands of your courses and training.

Below are the Year 11 Tranition Materials set by KS4 subjects:

 Religious Studies 
 Year 11 Religious Education - Instructions CLICK HERE
 Transition Pack, Progression Tasks 11 into 12 CLICK HERE
 Year 11 English Transition Project CLICK HERE
 Transition to A Level Language CLICK HERE
 Transition to A Level Literature CLICK HERE
 Year 11 Mathematics Transition Document CLICK HERE
 Year 11 Science Transition Project CLICK HERE
 Transition Pack - A Level Biology CLICK HERE
 Transition Pack - A Level Chemistry CLICK HERE
 Transition Pack - A Level Physics CLICK HERE
 Analysing and Evaluating Artworks (Higher) CLICK HERE
 Analysing and Evaluating Artworks (Middle) CLICK HERE
 GCSE ART Exam - Checklist 2020 CLICK HERE
 Year 11 Drama Transition Document CLICK HERE
 Computer Science
 GCSE to A-level Transition Pack  Student Pack CLICK HERE
 Computer Science - Bridging task CLICK HERE
 Transition Materials for A-Level History (Britain 1785-1870) CLICK HERE
 Transition Materials for A Level History C20th America CLICK HERE
 Transition Materials for A Level History The Tudors CLICK HERE
 Transition materials for A Level History Germany 1919-1963 CLICK HERE
 Transition materials for A Level History Russia CLICK HERE






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