"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” - John 13:34-35

All students at St Mary’s will be active in supporting charitable causes and understand why this is central to our mission and purpose as a Catholic Community. An appreciation of the ways in which charities help the less fortunate forms an important part of our curriculum. Significant contributions to fostering this are made in the areas of Religious Education, PSHE and through daily acts of collective worship in Form groups and assemblies.


Lent Charities 2017 PicV2

During Lent Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 raised money for two different types of charity.

Key Stage 3 concentrated on ‘Breast Cancer Care’; and ‘Orchid’, the male cancer charity. ‘Breast Cancer Care’ was chosen by the students because many have loved ones who are, or were, helped by this charity. However, as some students pointed out, male cancers do not have such a high profile, so it was agreed to support ‘Orchid’ as well.

Key Stage 4 opted to support the work of ‘For Jimmy’ (The Mizen Foundation) after Barry & Margaret Mizen’s inspiring sessions with both year groups.  Particular congratulations go to 11P for their amazing effort of raising £60, and to Klaudia in 9M who donated £22 in copper coins.

Some forms chose to bring in donations of non-perishable food and toiletries; these were donated to ‘Croydon Nightwatch’, with whom we aim to have an ongoing relationship.


Advent Charities 2016 PicV2

Week One -  CAFOD World Gifts

In the first week of Advent each form was asked to raise money for CAFOD World Gifts. Most forms did not specify exactly what they wanted to purchase with their money, allowing CAFOD decide how to spend the money. However, three forms chose the following:   9T - £28 for a 'Goat that gives'; 9P - £20 for 'Chirpy Chickens', £10 for 'Food for a family' and £12 for 'Drought resistant crops'; and 8P - £10 to 'Teach a person to read' and £7 for a 'Net that protects'.

Week Two - Crisis at Christmas

We raised enough money for six people to spend three days with Crisis. Crisis sent us this thank you video so that we could see their good work they have done this Christmas, which we have supported with our donation.

CLICK HERE to watch the video on YouTube.

Week Three - Croydon Nightwatch

Through our local parish church of St Mary's, we were introduced to Croydon Nightwatch. In week three all form groups collected tins of soup in boxes in each form room to assist the Nightwatch in their work.

Croydon Nightwatch serves the homeless of Croydon 365 days each year, getting through over 30 tins of soup every night. Students at St Mary's contributed generously. Just afer Christmas, when the need is greatest and the weather is coldest, we loaded up the school minibus and took our donations to the Friends Meeting House, next to the flyover.

Picture (left) St Mary's students loading up the school minibus wih tins of soup.

Week Four - Croydon Commitment

We had a mufti day to support the work of Croydon Commitment.  As their website states - Croydon Commitment’s aim is simple “to help Croydon businesses help their local community”.  We raised £914.28 to assist them in their work, and we believe we can say we have forged a new working partnership.



Sally Deen and Nepal

Sally Deen is the sister of one of our Year 11 students.  Sally is in her gap year before going to Nottingham University.  In March, Sally will be spending three months with VSO’s 'Lalitpur II Education Project'.  Sally came in to school to address assemblies and ask us if we would help her raise the £800 she needs.

Sally was due to speak to assembly every day, but on the Tuesday of that week, Ofsted announced they were coming in and, being unsure of what they might require, Sally was not able to speak to all year groups.

However, in true St Mary’s fashion, a collection among staff and students saw us raise £150 for Sally.

Although she has raised all the money she needs to get to Nepal, sponsorship can still be added to VSO via Sally’s JustGiving page








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