Chaplaincy at St Mary's aims to:

Be a positive Christian presence, to serve and enable others to be open to the possibility of Faith and:

  • Live out the Gospel in word and actions and acting as a role model
  • Be the spiritual cement between students, staff and the church
  • Present a positive view of Christianity in relevant, enthusiastic, creative and challenging ways
  • Enhance worship
  • Provide opportunities where the Christian faith can be discussed and encountered
  • Being independent yet still part of the school
  • Share the Christian faith with students and staff in appropriate and relevant ways
  • Create space to reflect
  • Enhance the behavioural support using things like Restorative Justice.
  • Enhance the Christian ethos across the whole school

Be a resource and provide pastoral support to:

  • Journey alongside the school community
  • Offer additional pastoral support in times of crisis
  • Signpost to other appropriate agencies, including other faith communities
  • Encourage staff and students when they require it
  • Provide mediation between individuals, the school or home where required
  • Build and maintain positive relationships
  • Be there and available to listen, support and pray
  • Communicate concerns appropriately with the wider Christian community for prayer and support
  • Provide additional support during transition
  • Resource the school in a variety of different ways
  • Empower individual Christians or Christian groups
  • Seek to empower those of other faiths and those who have no faith at the moment
  • Help the school to meet some of their legal requirements (S48 and other inspections)
  • Support Christian education across the curriculum






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