At St Mary’s Catholic High School our relationship with God can be found at the heart of everything that we do. We aim to foster within every member of our community a love of God and a desire to live the Gospel values. We journey together in our faith and we show through our kindness and caring for those around us that we hold Jesus in our hearts.

Our weekly assembly programme follow Gospel based themes and others that complement our school’s ethos and values. We aim to ensure that all pupils not only benefit from being present in the assemblies but are also active participants in their planning and delivery.


St. Mary’s Catholic High School - Weekly Themes 2018-2019

Liturgical Cycle B to C


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Mon 3rd Sept &Tues 4th Sept Inset Day


22nd  week of year  (cycle B)

Feast Day 8th Sept

Living by the rules

We get instructions on how to use new equipment.  God gives instructions on how to live.  Jesus’ challenge is to make the ‘love one another’ rule come to life in our hearts (Mark 7:1-8)

We have a belief in ourselves as successful learners

Mon 10th 2

23rd week of year

Feast of Exultation of the cross 14th

Open our ears & eyes

The gospel story is about healing a deaf & blind person.  The message is for us to reflect on whether we have our ears & eyes open to others and the wonder of creation (Mark 7:31-37)


We are reflective

Mon 17th 3

24th week of year

Fri 21st Feast of St Matthew

International Day of Peace 21/9

Who is Christ?

The disciples wanted to model their life on Christ.  The gospel this week sees them discovering that to be like Christ requires self-sacrificing love.  As a community how can we show that same love for one another? (Mark 8:27-35)


We are able to appreciate other students and staff

Mon 24th 4

25th week of year

Mon 24th Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham

European Day of Languages

No to violence

The focus this week is the 2nd reading (from letter of St James). There is no place in the Christian community for violence, including violent language or attitudes.


We are able to balance feelings and wisdom

Mon 1st 



26th week of year

Fri 5th  Family Fast Day

October is Month of the Rosary and Black History Month

Justice for the poor

Again the key idea comes from the letter of St James (James 5:1-6). There are so many people experiencing the unfairness on inequality.  Fair Trade Fortnight is coming soon.


We have courage and take risks

Mon 8th 



27th week of year

World Mental Health Day 10/10

Be like little children

Young children are open & trusting.  That is the model of faith presented in the Gospel reading.  Can we find such faith in each other, in God? (Mark 10:13-16)


We are loyal friends

Mon 15th  7

28th week of year

Thurs 18th Feast of St Luke

The Word of God

The word of God is alive & active (Hebrews 4:12-13).  Translated into over 1500 languages, are we able to listen to God’s word in the modern world?


We are able to ask questions

Mon 22nd   29th week of year SCHOOL HOLIDAY  
Mon 29th  8

30th  week of year

Thurs 1st is Feast of All Saints, Friday 2nd All Souls

Redemptive suffering 

Pain is difficult to endure, yet somehow people are able to endure suffering for the sake of others.  Jesus is the prime example, however others make sacrifices for the benefit of others. (Isaiah 53:10-11)


We can persevere to overcome obstacles

Mon 5th NOV 9

31st  week of year

November is month of prayer for those who have died. Remembrance Sunday

Love with all your heart

The whole of the teaching of Jesus can be summed up as ‘LOVE’(Mark12:28-34).  Simple, yet hard.  It means going out of our way to be loving at home, kind & caring towards people we don’t always get on with.


We foster strength of character

(JMA travelled to Haiti in the half term break – she could maybe be a useful person to include in this assembly to talk about/show pictures of what she achieved)

Mon 12th  10

32nd  week of year 

Sunday was Remembrance Sunday

16th Nov – feast of St Margaret of Scotland


The Gospel story tells of the poor person showing great generosity.  It is a challenge for all of us to review our attitudes to possessions & sharing (Mark 12:41-44)


We have goals and are able to move toward them

Mon 19th   11

33rd Week of year

Feast of Christ the King is 25th


We all have hopes for the future.  They could be for a target fairly soon or something to long into the future. To achieve those hopes we need to act now (Mark 13:24-32).


We are optimistic

Mon 26th 12

Feast of Christ the King

Weds 30th is Feast of St Andrew

Christ the King

This great feast reminds us of the Christian belief that the victory of the Cross & the resurrection of Jesus is the great hope for all people (John 18:33-37)


We can be patient when needed

Mon 3rd



1st week of Advent

Note:  We start readings cycle C

(8th Dec is the Solemnity of Immaculate Conception)

Free from fear

To be free.  To be loved.  These are what people want. Advent is a time for us to examine how ‘free’ and how ‘loving’ we are (Luke 21:25-28).


We accept that along with rights come responsibilities

Mon 10th 14

2nd week of Advent

Prepare the way

It is easier to prepare for things than to prepare ‘ourselves’ as people.  The true meaning of this Advent time is to reflect in our own lives and what needs changing (Luke 3:1-6).


We are able to apologise when necessary

Mon 16th 15 3rd week of Advent

Sharing what we have

People are generous Christmas.  We should give simple because it is good to do so (Luke 3:10-18).  The hampers collection is an expression of that giving;


Service to the community

Mon 24th   4th week of Advent SCHOOL HOLIDAY  
Mon 31st   

Holy Family

31st December

1st Jan is the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God


Mon 7th Jan


16 Feast of Epiphany (Sunday was Epiphany & 2nd week of Christmas Season) Baptism of the Lord 7th January

A gift to the world

Happy Christmas!  This great feast is about the gift of Jesus being ‘shown’ to the whole world.  In some parts of the world this is when people give presents to each other. (Matthew 2:1-12)


We are each a unique gift to the world

Mon 14th 17 1st week of the year

My favour rests on you

The gospel reading tells of the baptism of Jesus and the start of his public ministry.  All the baptised share in carrying on that work.


We are valuable

(Possibly introduce Kintbury to Year 10s?)

Mon 21st  18

2nd week of year

(week of prayer for Christian unity)


As a community we are all individuals who share a fundamental equality.  (ICor 12:4-11) We need each other and we become better people by recognising that truth.

HOY Tender

We have community spirit

Mon 28th   19

3rd week of year

27th January is Education Sunday

Presentation of the Lord Feb 2nd

Light of the world

(Holocaust Memorial Day-27th)

The Holocaust is a stark reminder of what humans can do to harm.  We can be comforted & inspired by the words of Psalm 24.


We have empathy for others

Mon 4th FEB 20 4th week of year

Christ is fully human

The early Christians had long discussions about how Jesus could be BOTH God & Human.  The key point is that Jesus, as a human can fully understand our feelings. (Luke 4:21-30)


We are compassionate and caring

Mon 11th 21

5th week of year

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 11/2

Take up the challenge!

Jesus was tempted and resisted for 40 days. Can we take up that challenge and resist something we really like?  The prophet Joel says why!


We have integrity

Mon 18th    6th week of the year SCHOOL HOLIDAY  
Mon 25th   22

7th week of the year

St David’s Day 1st

Find out Gods’ will

In the reading from Genesis we hear of the extraordinary faith of Abram. How can I find out what God’s will may be for me?  By prayer, listening to wise advice & by being open and honest with ourselves.


We can manage our feelings

Mon 4th MARCH 23

8th week of the year

Ash Wednesday 6th March

World Book Day

International women’s day 9th


One of the most difficult words to say is ‘sorry’.  It requires a sense of humility & honesty.  Lent is about finding that humility & honesty within ourselves. (Luke 13:1-9)


We are able to learn from and move on from our mistakes

Mon 11th 24 1st week of Lent


The ‘joy’ of lent is found in the story of the ‘forgiving father’. (Luke 15:1-3; 11-32) Don’t focus so much on the son who went away, but the father who welcomed him home in love.


We are able to apologise and receive apologies with grace

Mon 18th  25

2nd week of Lent

19th March feast of St Joseph

St Patrick’s Day 17th

International Day of Happiness 20/3

Try, try, try again

Jesus tells the woman to ‘Go and don’t sin any more’. (John 8:1-11) This is the message of lent; if we are truly sorry, God will forgive & we can start again.


We are aware of our own strengths and weaknesses

Mon 25th


Annunciation March 25th

3rd week of Lent

Mon  1st  APRIL


Term ends on 5th April

(4th week of Lent) School’s HOLY WEEK

21st April is Easter Sunday


This is a very special week.  There will be prayers and services to mark this time of reflection & prayer to get ready for the Triduum &  Easter Celebrations.


We know the importance of taking time out to reflect

Mon 8th

5th week of Lent


Mon 15th  

Holy Week


Mon 22nd 28

Easter Octave

23rd April = St George’s Day

Shakespeare Day 24th

The Good Shepherd

The image of the caring, guiding shepherd presents the belief that Jesus gives care and guidance to people. (Jn 10:27-30)


We are friendly and welcoming

Service to the community

Mon 29th 29

2nd week of Easter

Love one another

That simple instruction does not get any easier! Or is it the real challenge? (Jn 13:31-35)


We are reflective learners

Mon 6th MAY 30

3rd week of Easter

The peace of Christ

Peace comes from inside us, from feeling good about ourselves.  That peace helps us develop good friendships.  In this way we can bring peace to others. (Jn 14:23-29)


We are respectful and respect other’s differences

Mon 13th 31

4th week of Easter


A great feast of the Church.  Jesus is taken up in glory. (Lk 24:46-53) The disciples are left to carry on the message, presumably because they (we) are considered ready for the task!


We have confidence

Mon 20th 32

5th week of Easter

Come, Holy Spirit

This feast is the ‘birthday of the Church’ because it celebrates the gift & inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  (Acts 2:1-11)


We have self-worth

Mon 27th  

6th week of Easter


Mon 3rd   JUNE 33

7th week of Easter

Ascension June 2nd

Feeding Faith

The key part of story of the feeding of the great crowd is that they ‘all ate as much as they wanted’. (Lk 9:11-17) For the Catholic community the Eucharist (or Mass) is a celebration of the gift of Christ that feeds faith


We are learning to be good communicators

Mon 10th 34



The word ‘compassion’ comes from two Latin words cum passio, which means ‘suffering with’.  That is why we say ‘let me know if there is anything that I can do’. (Lk 7:11-17)


We have a belief in ourselves as successful learners

Mon 17th 35

Trinity Sunday

World Refugee Day 20th


Saying ‘sorry’ is difficult, however it is the starting point for forgiveness.  The Gospel story demonstrates the power and risk of forgiveness (Lk 7:36-50)


We understand and manage our feelings and know how to seek help

Mon 24th 36

Corpus Christi

Birth of John the Baptist 24th


St Paul’s letter to Galatians makes the point - the rich are not better than the poor, men are not better than women. (Gal 3:26-29)


We are proud of our successes without being arrogant.

Mon 1st  JULY 37

13th week of year

29th June is Sts Peter & Paul


The feast of Ss Peter & Paul is an example of two people who showed extraordinary faith and commitment.  That is why they are considered to be such great leaders.


We have courage and take risks

Mon 8th 38

14th week of year

Peace to this house

We are whole persons; if we are upset or anxious it affects our whole life.  That is not having peace.  True peace is achieved by being trusting, forgiving, generous, caring. Let that be our gift! (Lk 10:1-12)


We are generous and welcoming

Mon 15th 39

15th week of year

Love your neighbour

This theme is central to the vision of the Gospel and the school.  If we centre our lives on these words we can’t go far wrong.


We believe we can make a difference






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