School Uniform

Uniform v3


We believe that it is an essential part of the ethos and discipline structure that all students in Years 7 to 11 manage the way in which they present themselves and comply with the school uniform requirements. We are very proud of our community at St Mary's and want all our young people to show that they are too, by wearing our uniform with pride.

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students at all times. Therefore, if any student arrives at school in non-school uniform they must see their Head of Year immediately.

Our uniform is listed on page 8 of the student planner.

All of the items listed can be purchased at Hewitts, Church Street, Croydon.

Below is a list of the school uniform for St Mary’s students.


Navy blazer with school badge

School tie

School jumper with school badge

School kilt for Year 7 girls is compulsory. Years 8 to 11 girls - Navy skirt of suitable length (see 'Uniform Restrictions' below)

School trousers (dark grey)

White long sleeved shirt

Black leather shoes with flat heels (no trainers or trainer type shoes or boots)

White or navy socks with a kilt, black or grey socks with trousers

Plain black belt with small buckle

Navy or black scarf

Navy or black coat with no motifs

Black bag with a small logo that must be large enough for an A4 folder


PE Kit:

White polo shirt with school badge

Navy shorts

White trainers/plimsolls/football boots

Games jersey (blue and gold)



The following items need to be brought to school every day and this will be checked by your form tutor.

  • Pencil case with pens, pencils, ruler, rubber and sharpener
  • Maths equipment (no compasses) and scientific calculator
  • Coloured pencils
  • Dictionary
  • Reading book

Hair Colour:

Hair should only be a colour that is naturally grown by humans. Green, blue, purple etc. is not acceptable and will be counted as a breach of our uniform policy.

Uniform restrictions:

  • Jackets, scarves and gloves may be worn outside the school building but must not be worn anywhere else
  • Fashion belts or bandanas are not permitted. Hair bands should be plain black or dark blue.Head bands are not permitted.
  • Tights must be flesh coloured or plain black.Socks and tights are not permitted to be worn together.
  • Any other items of clothing are not permitted including hooded tops and cardigans
  • Hats should not be seen or worn inside school
  • Caps are not permitted
  • Jewellery of any kind is not permitted
  • Coloured nail varnish or imitation nails should not be worn, nails should be short and neat
  • Skirts must be worn on or below the knee
  • Make up is not allowed
  • Shaven lines in hair or eyebrows, facial hair or flamboyant hairstyles are not permitted
  • Piercings on the face, including tongue are not permitted
  • Boys’ hair must not be past their collar. No shaven lines or tracks. Plaits are not permitted.
  • Only prescription glasses are permitted
  • A reminder that mobile phones should not be visible.If they are seen they will be confiscated and only returned to parents/carers


Please note: In all matters of dress and appearance, the Headteacher is the arbiter of what is acceptable.

If, for any reason, your child cannot adhere to these requirements then they may be sent home to change or placed in the Behaviour Support Unit.