The Good Samaritan Mass 2017

Pupils and staff from St Mary's attended the annual schools' Good Samaritan Mass at St George's Cathedral, Southwark on Tuesday 25th April. The Good Samaritan Mass is organised as a joint effort of the Education Commission and the Westminster Catholic Children’s Society to celebrate all the charitable endeavours which occur in Diocesan Secondary Schools, with particular emphasis on fundraising and awareness of the Southwark Crisis Fund. The fund was launched November 2015 by the Westminster Catholic Children’s Society and Archbishop Peter Smith and provides one-off grants to support families living in Southwark where a relatively small amount of funding can make a big difference.

Good Samaritan Mass Apr17 Pic9aThe story the Good Samaritan is one of the parables of Jesus. He tells it in response to a question  ‘who is my neighbour?’ The story concerns a traveller on the way from Jerusalem to Jericho, who is attacked, robbed and left half-dead by the roadside. It is an outsider - a man from Samaria, which was a country that the Jews despised - who decides to stop and show compassion towards the man, who had been attacked. He takes him to a safe place and provides for his recovery. Jesus' listeners must have been very shocked by this story, which showed that this outsider better understood and fulfilled God's command to love than those who were meant to be God's chosen people.

The key issues to be addressed in this parable are:

  • the challenge to help and care for those who are different from ourselves
  • the challenge to face up to and look beyond our prejudices
  • the challenge to reach out and welcome the stranger and outsider
  • the challenge to treat all people with fairness and compassion
  • the challenge to 'love our neighbour as ourselves'
  • the challenge to treat others with respect, tolerance and justice.

Tee Bello performs at St Mary's

On Friday 21st April, Years 7 & 8 had the opportunity to meet the upcoming solo singer, “Tee Bello,” on his Cyber Bullying, Discrimination & British Values themed school tour. Tee didn’t only perform for our pupils at St Mary’s, he also delivered an important Cyber Bullying, Discrimination & British Values message.


Tee Bello has been tipped by BBC's Radio 1 as the UK's next "Usher or Chris Brown." Tee has been singing and dancing since he was a child, studied musical theatre at University, and now Tee is set to take the UK's music industry by storm. Now signed to Universal Records, Tee Bello is an incredible live performer and boasts appearances at the O2 arena as well as supporting Jason Derulo in London amongst his list of achievements to date.


This program has toured to more than 3,600 schools around the UK and Ireland, with a mix of different artists who've had outstanding reviews. The pupils watched a unique and entertaining performance from Tee Bello, which was followed by the PSHE educational message.


The main message of the presentation is to empower students to make the right choices in regards to Online Safety & Cyber Bullying, as well as to inform students not to discriminate and to treat everyone fairly, whether they have a different sexual preference or are of a different race, sex, or nationality. They also discussed why diversity should be celebrated and the fundamental British Values.

Success at '#Girls4STEM' workshop day at London South Bank University

On Monday 27th March, twelve Year 10 girls from St Mary’s visited London South Bank University to take part in a #Girls4STEM Workshop Day event as part of International Women's Week celebrations.

Year 10 student Rebecca writes: Our first impression of the university was ‘wow!’ - it was so versatile with so many different levels depending on what you want to do. We were introduced to speakers with STEM-based careers. ‘STEM’ stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. STEM careers are predicted to grow to more than 9 million between 2012 and 2022. The speakers all gave us a brief overview of their jobs and how they got there. We then played bingo – we had to move around and find people with all the things described on our lists such as ‘find someone who dyes their hair’.

Girls4STEMPic3Later on, we were introduced to two members of the University along with a few members of other schools. We went to another room and our task was to create an app for the well-being of the elderly by giving them ways to stay fit, eat healthily and make their lives easier. The winners were then announced in the room we started in and my group ‘My P.A.’ had won! We went to the front to collect our prizes.

I loved all the things they did for us, they ordered pizza for us, gave us prizes for our hard work, organised speakers with busy schedules to talk to us and even gave us beautiful, intricate cupcakes with the name of the university on them!

I found this day incredibly productive and inspiring; #Girls4STEM taught me that you shouldn’t let stereotypes of gender define you and what you want to be. I am so grateful I had this experience to socialise and meet new people because it taught me that you don’t need to know someone for a long period of time just to get on with them and create a successful project. I had so much fun working with girls from other schools to create the app and won a prize that I didn’t even expect!

Girls4STEMPic4At the beginning of the day, we were asked “Who would like to have a STEM-based career in the future?” and there were about two hands raised. By the end of the day, we were asked the same question again and almost the whole room had raised their hands, including me. STEM completely changed my perspective on STEM-based careers and showed me that you can do anything you want to, the only person restricting yourself is you!

For the girls of SMCH, all our aims are the same: to be successful and happy.

St Mary's pupils remember the victims of the Westminster attack

On Thursday morning, pupils from St Mary's joined the Mayor of Croydon and other dignitaries as the Croydon Borough flag was lowered to half-mast in remembrance of the victims of this week's Westminster attack. The pupil representatives joined the Mayor in the Town Hall to sign the Book of Condolence.

Senior Citizens' St Patrick's Night Party

On Friday 17 March, St Patrick’s Night, St Mary's held our annual party to say thank you to our local senior citizens for all they have done in serving the Croydon area.  The hall was decorated appropriately for the feast day and green was the dominant colour worn by many of our guests.

Drinks and nibbles were served as they arrived with staff and pupils from years 8 - 11 were on hand to assist with the evening.  The menu was fish and chips followed by a selection of gateaux.  Two games of Bingo and a free raffle were followed by some dancing to 60s music, enjoyed by all ages.

Ofsted Inspection Report

Ofsted have just rated St Mary’s as a ‘Good’ School in each of its four categories. The inspection took place on 1st & 2nd February and follows on from the school being awarded ‘Croydon School of the Year’. Well done to everyone in our school community.

To read the report: CLICK HERE

Margaret & Barry Mizen visit St Mary's

Thursday 9 March: Margaret & Barry Mizen spoke movingly to Years 10 & 11 students of the story of their son Jimmy, his tragic death and their continued quest for peace.  They spoke at length about forgiveness and the self-harming futility of revenge. 

Margaret told the students how her faith has seen her through the dark times of losing Jimmy and being diagnosed with cancer last summer.

After the talk Margaret & Barry were presented with a Lenten donation to For Jimmy (Mizen Foundation) by the Head Girl and Head Boy.

Croydon Commitment says 'Thank You'

Melinda Ashford of Croydon Commitment and Simon Kirby of Allianz Global Assistance paid a visit to St Mary's to say thank you for the magnificent donation of £914 we made to Croydon Commitment from our 'mufti-day' in Advent.

London's Deputy Mayor visits St Mary's

St Mary's was delighted to welcome Sophie Linden, London's Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, along with Croydon Councillor Hamida Ali, who met staff and pupils on Friday 27th January. They were particularly interested in investigating gender equality amongst young people and raising girls' aspirations.

Croydon Secondary School of the Year 2016

At a special presentation ceremony on 11th January Mr David Butler, Croydon's Head of School Standards, presented our Headteacher, along with Jordanne and Reuben (Head Girl and Boy), with the Croydon Secondary School of the Year Award 2016. This is the first time our school has received this award since its foundation.

BBC School News Report

Welcome to the St Mary's BBC School News Report 2016




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