Teaching is Thriving!

Our school features prominently the latest edition of St Mary’s University’s alumni magazine, ‘The Simmarian’. An article entitled ‘Teaching is Thriving!’ celebrates the strong relationship between our two Catholic educational establishments. It states:

‘As a university, St Mary’s is focused on the important themes of employability, sustainability and community. This is evident in so many schools across London and beyond, where former trainee teachers are making valuable contributions to education, including in positions of senior leadership.

At St Mary’s Catholic High School in Croydon, Patrick Shields is the current head teacher. He studied at St Mary’s University in 2003 and has maintained strong links, including bringing his whole school staff to the University for development days. Patrick’s team includes many Simmarian teachers and there are always trainee teachers on placement at the school.

Ten teachers are taking an MA in Catholic School Leadership illustrating how the partnership between St Mary’s University and St Mary’s Catholic High School supports the development of Catholic teachers in senior leadership roles. “I am a proud Simmarian and value the partnership between St Mary’s University and my large Catholic secondary school in Croydon,” said Patrick.

“There are so many ways that we can work together, including initial teacher training and CPD collaboration. At a time of considerable challenges for the profession, our high-quality partnership is invaluable and mutually beneficial.”

This is one important way in which St Mary’s University contributes to the teacher supply and professional development needs of the local community, including our many Catholic partnership schools.’

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