UCL Centre for Holocaust Education’s Beacon School

St Mary’s has been selected as one of the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education’s Beacon Schools, one of only three schools in the Greater London region to be selected this year.

The University College London Centre for Holocaust Education recruits up to twenty secondary schools each year in England, committed to enhancing teaching and learning about the Holocaust. The selected schools will become dynamic hubs serving a network of local schools and will work with the Centre in order to improve teaching standards, raise pupil achievement, and strengthen our Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural (SMSC) provision.

Humanities teacher, Miss Clancy is our school’s Lead Teacher for Beacon School status, receiving additional support and training as a key element of the Beacon School training process.

St Mary’s is committed to the view that the study and understanding of the Holocaust is a critically important part of all students’ education, especially at a time of growing intolerance in our society.