Year 7 take on the Spaghetti Tower challenge in National Science Week

To celebrate National Science Week, our Head of Science, Mr Taylor, set our Year 7 Science classes the task of building the tallest possible spaghetti tower.

The rules only allowed 20 sticks of spaghetti, along with 7 marshmallows to use as glue. One of these marshmallows must remain 'whole' and end up at the top of the tower, the other 6 could be pulled apart in order to stick the spaghetti together.

Students were asked to design their towers on paper before making them and had to think about how best to make the most of the limited materials. The aim of this challenge was to explore structures and investigate what methods of building can make the tallest and strongest structure. It gave our students a valuable insight into the real-life processes of testing, redevelopment and prototyping that engineers and scientists use.

The prize to the winners...a bag of marshmallows!