Students take part in the Croydon Young Mayor election

Tuesday, 13th March will be remembered as the day when the very first Croydon Young Mayor elections were held across the borough. With a choice of 28 candidates to choose from, St Mary’s students entered into the spirit of the occasion by casting their votes following the same procedure used in national and local elections, even down to using the same voting booths and ballot boxes.

For several weeks the 28 candidates have been presenting their manifestos at events right across the borough, including the active use of social media and modern technology. The campaign has been taken very seriously, and we congratulate these fine young people for their commitment to making Croydon a better place for young people.

At St Mary’s, all students were prepared for the election throughout the previous week during form periods, and on the day of the election special assemblies were held, outlining the process of casting votes. We are delighted that the overwhelming majority of our students took the opportunity to use their democratic right to vote for their chosen candidate, and in most year groups there was 100% turnout. Students were asked to vote for their first and second choice from the long list of candidates.

While there were no St Mary’s candidates standing for election we do hope that in the years to come one of our students will become a future Croydon Young Mayor.

The election results will be declared on Thursday, 15th March. CLICK HERE to visit the Croydon Young Mayor website for more information.