Well done to Mr Panaitescu who volunteered in Rwanda over half-term

Well done to Mr Panaitescu, our Head of IT, who over the half-term break worked as a volunteer for ADRA-UK in Rwanda, delivering gift-aid boxes containing toys, school equipment, basic toiletries and books.

Travelling in UNHCR lorries, around 2000 boxes were distributed to children in the Kiziba refugee camp, located on the hillsides of a remote region of the Western Provence of Rwanda. The camp, home to over 17,000 people, was established in 1996 when a Kinyarwanda speaking ethnic group was forced from their homes in the Congo because of violence. The conflict has still not been resolved and the people have now been living in the camp for over 20 years. Most of the children in the camp were born there and know of nothing else except life in the camp.

CP Rwanda Pic11XIn addition to delivering boxes to the refugee camp, the volunteers also delivered hundreds of boxes to children in four schools in the region, including: GS Kibuye Catholic School; Ecole Adventiste de Kibuye; EP Gatwaro Pentecostal School; and GS Bisessero Catholic School.

The work of charities, including ADRA-UK and CAFOD, is providing much needed support to our poorest brothers and sisters across the world who are in desparate need of help. Mr Panaitescu and the other volunteers are a shining example of what we should all aspire to do, especially during this season of Lent.


To see a gallery of images of Mr Panaitescu’s time in Rwanda click on the image below.