GCSE Art Students visit the Tate Modern

On Monday, 26th February our Year 11 art students visited the world-famous Tate Modern in order to prepare for their forthcoming GCSE examination. The aim was to provide the students with ideas and inspiration from the exciting world of modern art.



Mrs Goodwin (Head of Art) reports:

“The GCSE Year 11 Art trip had been arranged in order for pupils to experience a gallery setting and to collect supporting studies for their externally set examination.  The day was a huge success and both students and staff enjoyed all the experiences, though at the beginning of the day, with the falling snow, I was worried we would not be able make it.

The group travelled by train to the Southbank and walked to the gallery; the size and overpowering structure of the building was a shock for a number of the students.  They had never been in a gallery like the Tate Modern and even though the rooms were packed with other visitors the space was very peaceful and quiet.  This enabled our students to make drawings of their chosen artworks and take some lovely photos.

Tate Modern spreads across many floors, with several free displays of modern and contemporary art.  Students explored all the rooms and even took part in the interactive art installation in the main entrance - huge, three-seated swings.  The experience of such an informative and creative environment will be one our students will remember – they all had a great time.”

What the students said:

SMHSTate Pic4a“We went to the gallery to find artworks that relate to our subject for our final exam. We took pictures of the artworks - as an example I have chosen ‘Light & dark’, so I took pictures and made drawings related to my theme. Going to the Tate Modern was a very good experience, I found the gallery very large and very quiet. Also, I thought the actual building was very creative.”    Brian U.

“During the trip to the gallery I looked for work about human figures, since this is my chosen theme. The gallery was full of artworks; we were able to find out about the artists and research themes.  The trip gave me experience of being in a gallery, the fact that it was very big and there was loads of students I still felt comfortable and enjoyed it.” Prince A.

“We travelled by train to Tate Modern to find artworks related to our themes, i.e. Human figure, Dark & light, personal histories.  We did this in order to prepare for our exam and work in our sketchbooks.” Nicol & Cameron

“During our time at Tate Modern, admiring and observing the vast variety of inspiring art pieces, we acquired the time to assess, reflect and interact with the art.  The trip inspired and gave us ideas of what we are capable of creating for our chosen theme.”  Angelo A.