Year 8 explore the enchanting 'Harry Potter - A History of Magic' Exhibition

All Year 8 students explored the world of spells, potions, mythical creatures and divination at the popular ‘Harry Potter – A History of Magic’ Exhibition at the British Library on Wednesday, 24th January.

In a combined History and English department trip students were able to see rarely seen treasures of the world famous British Library as well as artefacts relating to the creation of the Harry Potter series of books. The exhibition commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the publication of the very first J K Rowling book - ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone’.

SMHS HP Pic5zThe year group, split into small groups, were expertly lead by British Library staff through some of the sections of the already sold out exhibition. With most of the of the students having read at least one of her books, it was invaluable that they were able to see a number of J K Rowling’s original notebooks in which she hand-wrote her stories, along with her numerous edits, corrections and redrafts. Many of the British Library’s treasures were on display alongside the Harry Potter artefacts showing that the roots of most modern stories of myths and imagination go back many centuries.

Over the next weeks students will be using their visit to the exhibition as inspiration for work in school, especially creative writing. Particular thanks must go to Mr Harvey, along with his colleagues, for organising this valuable curriculum experience for the students in Year 8.