Pupil Progress 'Gold Tie' Awards

Following the Year 11 mock examinations at the end of last term, pupils had lots to celebrate. Many had made very good progress in some or all subjects. This progress was measured from ‘Mock 3’ in Year 10 to the mock examinations sat earlier this term.

In order to recognise the very best achievements, those pupils with the very best progress were awarded with special gold ties. More of these ties will be awarded in January once the second set of mock examinations have been sat.

It is anticipated that we will be awarding even more gold ties as pupils respond to their individual targets set and interventions put in place.

The pupils in the picture highlight that hard work and commitment do pay off. They are also great ambassadors for our school and will act as strong role models to students across the school. Well done and congratulations to the following Year 11 students who were awarded their Gold Ties:

Elina Figuera, Juan Lucena Castillo, Jeremiah Nruah, Juan Guillermo Martinez Lugo, Nathan Henry, Nerea Zambrano Belevan, Chrispus Kivumbi and Brajan Budini.