Art Students Walk with Andy Warhol

Year 11 GCSE art students took advantage of this month’s exciting Warhol Croydon Art Walk and exhibition organised by Croydon’s trailblazing RISE gallery.

Following the Warhol-inspired walk, our students were given a unique insight into the life and times of the American artist, a leading figure on the pop art visual art movement. The walk was the centrepiece of the Warhol Croydon celebrations throughout the town in September.

While the day of the walk was wet it didn’t dampen the students’ interest in this world famous artist. Following the walk students took part in an art workshop at RISE gallery where they had the opportunity to produce work inspired by the pop-art movement.

Kaira in Year 11 writes: “The trip was very successful and all the students who took part really enjoyed it. The walk, led by Kevin from RISE gallery, lasted about one and a half hours and took us across Croydon.

In the workshop at RISE gallery we learnt more about Warhol and the other pop artists, including how they were influenced by different cultures. We also learned about various art techniques and styles which will help us greatly in our GCSE exams this year. We were given a chance to create our own art work using colours used by Warhol.

My favourite pieces were Warhol’s famous ‘Campbell Soup’ as well as the other street art venues we visited.”

To see a gallery of photographs from the Warhol Walk, please click on the image below: