St Mary's students run Year 6 Retreats in local Catholic Primary schools

Students from St Mary’s have attended two local Catholic primary schools to run retreat days for Year 6 pupils.  On Friday 15th September they attended St James the Great, and on 22nd September they attended St Chad’s.

During the day they explored using their God-given gifts and talents for the good of the wider community.  Various games were used to explore the theme; time was spent outside looking for God’s creation and the work of humans, and we also had to learn to trust each other, just as Abraham had put his trust in God. We finished the day with each child lighting a candle, and joining together in praying the Our Father and the St Mary’s school prayer.  All the Year 6 pupils received a prayer card from St Mary’s.

With our school’s growing success, we are aiming to share our talents, not only in running successful retreat days, but across a number of curriculum areas with our local primary schools.