New Senior Student Leadership Team Announced

St Mary's is delighted to present the new Senior Student Leadership Team, following the recent school-wide elections. The election process included each of the seven candidiates presenting their reasons for wanting to be elected, as well as outlining their plans for the year ahead.

Following these 'hustings' all pupils and members of staff voted in secret ballots. Unlike the recent General Election, the result was clear, with four students elected to the Senior Student Leadership Team. Last week, Bishop Paul Hendricks, while blessing our new reception area, presented badges of office to the Head Girl, Head Boy and their two Deputies.

The new team take over their responsibilities straight away and will remain in post until they begin their GCSEs in May 2018. We wish them well in their new positions of responsibility and are certain that all students at the school will give them their full support in the year ahead.

In addition to Rebecca, Brajan, Kiyanna & Nathan, a special thank-you and well done to Adrian, Nicole & Mogo who also stood for election. 


Head Girl Head Boy
Rebecca Pic   Brajan Pic
Rebecca Brajan
Deputy Head Girl Deputy Head Boy
Kiyanna Pic3   Nathan Pic
Kiyanna Nathan


Rebecca, our new Head Girl writes:

My name is Rebecca and I am the Head Girl. My first initials thoughts were ‘Am I sure I want to this?’ and ‘Am I really capable of doing this job well?’ I had so many doubts about it, but with some encouragement, I was able to write an application letter and speech in which I performed to all year groups.

I have been in this school for almost four years and I would’ve never have imagined becoming Head Girl. I am, by nature, shy and quiet and I don’t like sharing my ideas with anyone, I would rather keep to myself. However, I soon realised that this job is exactly what I needed – why sit and complain about the school without actually putting any action into it? This job will give me the chance to not only benefit my life, but all the lives of the students and their brothers and sisters too, which I think is very important. I have seen how far this school has come and I want to add to its success.

My main aims are to make sure all the students in this school are happy, by asking them what they want to improve; not just the student leadership putting in ideas.

Some of my main ideas are:

  • Air conditioning in the summer – the heat is unbearable and makes it hard for students to concentrate in lessons.
  • More fundraising ideas – car boot sales, summer fayres, end of year parties etc.
  • Improving equipment – fixing blind sin science and more textbooks.


Brajan, our Head Boy writes:

My name is Brajan. I am the newly elected Head Boy. The process of becoming Head Boy was demanding, interesting and mysterious. It enabled me to look into myself and dig deep in order to find my true potential as a leader. It is challenging being Head Boy, but every day that passes by I learn something new, be that from a teacher, a student or from myself. It rather strange how becoming a Head Boy has developed me from being just a student into a more mature person who knows what rights and responsibilities mean.

I came to St Mary's about two years ago, in October 2015. High school is always special, I don’t know what there is about it, but I just enjoy it a lot. I was a person who didn’t like to socialise much but becoming Head Boy has enabled me to see and understand that two brains are better than one in all senses.

I plan to establish and strengthen a sense of friendship and community within the school. I am aiming to raise aspiration among students, especially in education by helping teachers understand that a practical approach to a lesson is better than a theoretical one.

I am a very sporting person. I play tennis, especially on Saturdays. I have indeed developed into a good tennis player. I always follow the big tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon. I always think that sports are the most fun thing ever. It helps me to enjoy myself and be proud of what I have achieved.

My favourite subjects are Biology, Maths and English Literature. I have been interested how our body works, especially the heart. In the future I hope to be a surgeon and an author. I love medicine which is what I am hoping to study for the future but literature too is fascinated. When anyone asks me what do I like I reply with the famous quote from a Russian Author “medicine is my lawful wife and literature is me mistress”. I should add too that I have developed a great deal of interest in space travel too. I think that is going to be the “job of the future”.

Well that’s all. I am a person who loves change and I am prepared to take the risks