Year 9 at the Pan-London Youth & Public Services Day

AliPali Pic3Year 9 students, along with thousands from across other London schools, visited Alexandra Palace on 15th June to take part in the annual Pan-London Youth & Public Services Day. Shannen Venethethan describes the visit, including meeting London's Deputy Mayor for Policing, Sophie Linden:

The trip to the Pan London Youth Event at Alexandra Palace on Thursday 15 June for twenty-nine Year 9 students was enlightening. We were shown several careers that are open to us, the younger generation, the future of our country.

The welcome speeches given by the host and other service providers were really inspiring and delivered in such an inspiring manner that as soon as they were finished we students from St Mary’s couldn’t wait to explore what was there.  We also met London’s Deputy Mayor for policing, Sophie Linden, who has visited St Mary’s recently, she happily had her photo taken with some of us.

AliPali Pic2We went around to the different stands showing us the different activities which we could be involved in, and were told of the work of our essential services such as the police, firefighters, paramedics, marines, air cadets, and many others which enlightened and inspired us.  Alexandra Palace was engulfed with students from all over London and we had the opportunity for chats with them throughout the visit.

The most popular stands were from the military, where we got to hold deactivated firearms and have a go on a virtual reality demonstration of what life looks in military service. The bomb disposal team showed us a radio controlled robot disarming an old ‘rpg-7’ (or rocket propelled grenade) which had been deactivated already, for obvious reasons.  Another stand allowed us to virtually fly a plane.  In the centre of the event was a boxing arena and next to it four large punch bags; I’m certain every student who attended the event had a go.

Near the entrance was the police and firefighters, they allowed us in each of the two vehicles they bought with them and allowed us to sound the fire engine siren.  In conclusion, this was one of the most inspiring trips that Year 9 have been part of, both socially and educationally and we must thank Mr Irvine for organising it.