Lent Charities 2017

During Lent Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 raised money for two different types of charity.

Key Stage 3 concentrated on ‘Breast Cancer Care’; and ‘Orchid’, the male cancer charity. ‘Breast Cancer Care’ was chosen by the students because many have loved ones who are, or were, helped by this charity. However, as some students pointed out, male cancers do not have such a high profile, so it was agreed to support ‘Orchid’ as well.

Key Stage 4 opted to support the work of ‘For Jimmy’(The Mizen Foundation) after Barry & Margaret Mizen’s inspiring sessions with both year groups.  Particular congratulations go to 11P for their amazing effort of raising £60, and to Klaudia in 9M who donated £22 in copper coins.

Some forms chose to bring in donations of non-perishable food and toiletries; these were donated to ‘Croydon Nightwatch’, with whom we aim to have an ongoing relationship.

For more information on our school's charity work CLICK HERE